Update to 1.112

from The Forge of Empires team Saturday at 12:59 AM

Hello Queens and Kings,

The update to 1.112 will take place on Monday October 16th. There will be a short period of downtime during the update, we apologize for inconvenience caused during this time.

Check out our forums for a full list of the changes ...

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Great Building Attachments in the Messaging System

from The Forge of Empires team on 10/8/17 at 8:26 PM

Dear Queens and Kings,

As you know, contacting other players, especially in guilds, is the key to success. Therefore, we are very proud to present our newest improvement to the Forge of Empires messaging system: Great Building attachments!

Thanks to this ...

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Your First Great Building - A Guide Questline for New Players

from The Forge of Empires team on 10/6/17 at 9:04 PM

Dear Queens and Kings,

As you know, new players constantly join the community of Forge of Empires making it larger and stronger. However, we have noticed that some parts of the game are not always clear to everybody, so we would like to improve the way we ...

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The Oceanic Adventure Continues!

from The Forge of Empires team on 10/6/17 at 8:12 PM

Despite all the technological advancements we've had so far, there's still a lot to learn about the deep sea. Now's the time to advance our knowledge. Science to the rescue! The fourth part of the Oceanic Future will unlock more buildings, crew members, ...

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InnoGames TV October Edition

from The Forge of Empires team on 10/6/17 at 7:45 PM

In the October episode of InnoGames TV, Game Designers Thi and Kai discuss Forge of Empires’ annual Halloween Questline Event. At the end of his mysterious questline, Jack will reward players with the Black Tower, a new residential building that will ...

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